Hi, I'm Candis! I was raised in the south and moved to Phoenix in 2015. Long story short- I love to decorate cakes. I started my journey professionally in the spring of 2017 and I have loved every little minute of it. I remember as a kid going into the grocery store and wanting to walk over to the cakes (I never grew out of that). They looked like art to me. 

That’s something I wanted to implement into my business- works of art made out of delicious buttercream. It wasn’t until I quit my corporate job and started taking culinary classes that I realized all of this came natural to me. It was like I found my calling. 

Seeing a child’s face light up when they see a cake that was made especially for them, having someone cry and hug you because you created something more than what they imagined, or being a small part of a big wedding day- those are the moments I live for.